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Steven de Laet is a street photographer and traveler who divides his time between Menlo Park, California, and Chouni, Greece. His work might be said to provide proof of Mark Twain’s remark that “travel was fatal to prejudice.” His travels have taken him home to Greece and to Egypt, India, Morocco, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. His photographic essays include Stone Creation: Messages between Rose & Jasmine: Earth Icons: The Journey of Mothers; Dryads in Ancient Olympia: Caddo Lake; and the art video, Telessila of Argos. Steve’s photographic documentation for the Olympia Tree Restoration Project in Olympia, Greece, gave impetus to the national campaign to replant 135,000 olive trees after the devastation from fire destroyed the livelihoods of many small farmers in the Western Region. In 2023, Denmark celebrates its 50th year in the EU, and Nordisk Film TV will include an 8 minute segment that highlights this project and Steve’s works as regards the contribution of this project to the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy.


Exhibits at Vorpal Gallery, Gallery Tonatzin, Gallery 2611, Speck Design, Enchantment Resort, and Saint Michael’s Alley. The photographs here on display are selected from his photography book, Prosphora~ Offering, and a second volume of his photography scheduled for publication by Norfolk Press in 2024.


Steve is co-director of The Arete Fund, an educational non-profit that supports education locally and acts globally to encourage greater cultural understanding by means of humanitarian, educational and artistic projects. See:

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