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Artworks and Books

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Street photography is about capturing a moment that is very often completely unanticipated. At the same time, the moment is somehow expected and, at times, so naturally given that in the exchange, it is as if Time itself has waited around for an eternity to give the photographer – in a flash – that real glimpse of the world and the gift of a lifetime. Street photography is also about being as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as possible – a witness, so to speak, to the moment when the smallest piece of Life that the frame can hold can make whole an entire world. A world that is hidden in plain view. This is what the photographer sometimes seeks and never finds, or finds in a photograph or two. In 1967, my parents bought a 37 foot sailboat in South Hamption, England and asked me to help them sail to Norhern Spain. The next year, they sailed to Majorca and the following summer I sailed it to Greece. This book contains photographs taken in Greece in 1969-70. Hopefully you will get a sense of what life was like way back then. Offerings is the first of several volumes of photographs that now require my attention. It is high time, and fortunately not too late for this offering to be made to Greece. And to you = an articulation of my respect and thanks for the moments given, the moments received, that have added up to these photos of the street life of Greece from fifty years ago.                                                                            Price: $80.00

Story From the Earth Cover.webp

Sculpture by Dianne Tittle de Laet

Photographs by Steven de Laet


Lt. John G. Burnett was an American soldier who assisted in the removal of the Cherokee Indians to Indian territory in 1838. He recalls a snowy night on November 17, 1838, when the wife of the Cherokee chief gave her blanket to a sick child and died from exposure before dawn. In his eye witness account, he calls on the Anglo Saxon race to build a "towering monument" to her act of compassion. 

In response, Dianne has created a series of figures from natural elements that recalls the Trail of Tears and serves as her "monument" for an American Hero. 

"For the longest time, from ancient Greece through the Middle Ages and into modern times, writers have poured enormous quantity of ink over the subject of “Ars imitatur naturam in sua operatione,” or "art imitates nature in its own way of working."  You have managed to reverse the process and made nature imitate art. I was stricken by the immediacy and intimacy of your figures, the genuine message they send. I know how important peer review is among artists and you have all my acknowledgement and recognition."


    Price: $75.00                                                            -  Massimo Masson, painter

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Metal Prints Price List

Prints include Float Mount Hangers attached to the back of the print, which float the print 1/2-inch off the wall when hung. Styles and selection vary based on the size of the print ordered. Please contact me for ordering. Other sizes are available. Delivery averages five to ten working days. Shipping charges will be added to the total.

  8 x 12             $   50.00
11 x 14             $   60.00
16 x 20             $ 130.00
16 x 24             $ 155.00

20 x 30                $ 230.00
30 x 30                $ 350.00
24 x 36                $ 325.00

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